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Every year the content of the student projects increases in number and sophistication:  Please congratulate these award winners for the curiosity, creativity, and persistance in pursuing their projects.

The high-school Massachusetts State Science Fair was held on May 1-2 at MIT -- and seventeen CleanTech projects were in among the 175 winners at State!

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State Fair CleanTech Award Winners:

Shawn M. Onessimo, Lowell Catholic High School: The Arc of the Sun: Measuring the Efficiency of Plastic Organic Photocells

Zachary Grobe and Terianna Wax, Westfield High School: Oil Wells within Plant Cells

Regional Awards:

Region I, Western:

Elizabeth Niedziela and Miranda Mooring, HopkinsAcademy, Hadley

Hello Sunshine!

Region II, Central:

Sean Horan, Shrewsbury High School

Wave Energy

Daniel Cunnigham and Andrew Ryan, Hopkinton High School

The Effect of Tubercles on Wind Turbines

A Second Place at State!

Climate, Earth and Atmospheric Science:

Andrew Bellesis, Wachusett Regional High School, Holden

The Effect of River Meanders

on Flooding

Honorable Mention, Technology:

Abhinav Mishra, Shrewsbury High School

The Organic Dye Sensitized Solar-Cell: Developement and Characterization

A First Place at State!



Region II, Central, Continued

Ashley Millette, Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science, Worcester

Fueling the Future: Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

A Second Place at State!

Region III,Southwestern:

Matthew R. Wezowicz, Taunton High School

Solar Energy, Collecting the Most Free Power

A First Place at State!

Climate, Earth and Atmospheric Science:


Ellen V. Valley, Bishop Feehan High School

Sky Light, Sky Bright

Honorable Mention, Technology:

William C. Black, Taunton High School

Which Compost Decomposes Sugar Cane Fiber the Fastest


Manasi Malik, Bishop Feehan High School

Refuel with Rubbish

A First Place at State!

Region IV,Northeastern:

Shawn M. Onessimo, Lowell Catholic High School

The Arc of the Sun: Measuring the Efficiency of Plastic Organic Photocells

A Third Place at State!



Region IV,Northeastern, Continued

Climate, Earth and Atmospheric Science:

Noah Arbesfeld, Lexington High School

On the Structure of Lower Central Quotients of a Free Associative Algebra

Region V, Southeastern:

Nickolas A. Aylward, Sacred Heart High School, Kingston

Wave Power

Climate, Earth and Atmospheric Science:

Tyler L. Barron, Falmouth Academy: The Effect of Ocean Acidification, as a Result of Global Warming, on the Viability of B. Foraminifera

An Honorable Mention at State

Region VI, Boston:

Reginald Edge and Johneric Cedeno, Health Careers Academy, Roxbury

How Does the Power of Light Effect Electricity?


Katrina Horton, Nicole Nelson, and Regina Jean-Baptiste, Brook Farm Academy: Global Warming

Other CleanTech Projects Winning Awards at State:

First Place Winners

Anat Garg, Mass Academy: Lightweight Concrete: Shaping the Future

Bianca Homberg, Westborough: Indirect Gain: An Analysis of Trombe Walls for Passive Solar Heating

Aashik Rao, Lexington: U.S. Methane Emissions

Second Place Winners

Sara Birnbaum, Wachusett Regional: Farm Fuels: A Comparative Study of Diesel Fuel to Biodiesel

Ricky Houseley, Boston University Academy, Cellular Automation

Third Place Winners:

Joseph Benoit, North Quincy: Building a Better Solar Food Dehydrator

Margaret Harrison, Mass Academy: iPower: The Human Powered Device

Ross and Ryan Lagoy, Mass Academy: Small-Scale Solar Thermal Electrical Chemical Fuel Generator