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Ceara with her First Place Ribbon at the Middle School State Science Fair

The Middle-School MSSEF State Fair was held June 6th at Worcester Technical High School.  With almost three hundred student projects, we are delighted that the Grand Prize went to  Ceara Tomaino, (below far left*) a Region IV CleanTech Award winner, for her project "The Winds of Change: Harnessing Wind as an Alternative Energy Source to Produce Electricity". 

The three State CleanTech Awards went to (left to right; Sandra Mayrand, Director of the Middle School MSSEF presenting the awards*): Jonathan Simonds, Amherst Regional Middle School, "The Effect of Soil Temperature on Native and Invasive Plants", Shamae Burrell, Region IV Award Winner, "Where the Wind Blows", both climate science awards; and to Juliana Kaplan, a Region IV Award Winner "Wind Turbine: Generating Electricity".  These three state award winning projects were all in the Sandra Mayrand Congratulates Jonathon at MiddleSchool State Science Fairtop ten rated for the overall State Fair.

Sandra Mayrand congratulates Shamae Burrell at the Middle School State Science FairSandra Mayrand congratulates Juliana Kaplan at the MiddleSchool State Science Fair

Other CleanTech award projects receiving Honorable Mentions or better were: Kara Kennedy, Harriet Holmes and Alexandra Cronin, Noah Bloomstein, Peter Ofsthun and Garrett Hohman, Aheli Chattopadhyay, and Chris Lang

Every year the content of the student projects increases in number and sophistication:  Please congratulate these award winners and all of the students for the curiosity, creativity, and persistance they invested in their projects.

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*Photos from Middle School State Science and Engineering Fair from Ed Malitsky, Photographer, and used courtesy of the photographer and with the permission of the MSSEF organization.

Middle-School Regional Awards:

Region I, Western:

Barry Dickinson and Catherine Kaid, Reid Middle School, Pittsfield

"Water Distillation"

Region II, Central:

Kareem Abdelkader and Fatima Vakil, Alhuda Academy, Worcester

Photo of Kareen and Fatima with their Project Display

Which Shape of Blade is Most Effective for a Wind Turbine?

Honorable Mention:

Alexandra Cronin and

Harriet Holmes, The Bromfield School, Harvard

Alexandra and Harriet with their project display at WPI

The Effects of Surface Area on the Efficiency of Solar Ovens

Kara Kennedy, The Bromfield School, HarvardBLAST at Middle School MSSEF

BLAST: Boat Launch Assisted by Steam Technology


Chris Lang, Robert E. Melican Middle School, Northborough

Clean, Greeen, Energy Machine



Region II, Central, contd:

Climate, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Honorable Mention:

Sonali Razdan, Sherwood Middle School, Shrewsbury

Sonali with her project display at Regional Fair

The Greenhouse Effect

Region III, Southwestern:

Steven R. Cortese,

St. Mary's Catholic School, Mansfield

Anaerobic Digester, The Farmer's Ecological and Environmental Power Source of the Future

Climate, Earth and Atmospheric Science:

Aheli Chattopadhyay, Ahern Middle School, Foxboro

Catch that CO2: Carbon Dioxide Leakage in Aquifers

Region IV, Northeastern:

Ceara Tomaino*, Academy of Notre Dame, Tyngsboro

Ceara with her project at the Middle School State Science Fair

The Winds of Change: Harnessing Wind as an Alternative Energy Source to Produce Electricity 

Honorable Mention:

Garrett Hohman and Peter Ofsthun, Littleton Middle School, Littleton

Magnifying Solar Energy: A Study of a Magnifying Glass on a Solar Cell

Region V, Southeastern:

Juliana Kaplan, Pierce School, Brookline

Juliana testing wind turbine at a beach

Wind Turbine: Generating Electricity


Region V, Southeastern, contd:

Noah Bloomstein, Pierce School, Brookline

Noah testing blades with a fan

The Effects of Airfoil Camber on Wind Turbine Output

Climate, Earth and Atmospheric Science:

Shamae Burrell, Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

Shamae with her project display at Regis College

Where the Wind Blows

Honorable Mention: Hannah MacLeod, Calvary Chapel Academy, Rockland Hannah testing mixing properties of saline vs. fresh water

Can Water Float on Water?

Region VI, Boston:

Kieran Keegan, Mary Lyon School, Boston


Daniel Nguyen, Timilty Middle School, Boston

What is the Effect of Different Materials Used to Make a Solar Collector